Team Enotria Travel - About Us 

Our office in Calabria

‘Enotria Italia’ is our office in Calabria, staffed by three Italian colleagues: Corrado, Rosanna and Mimmo. They are in touch with all the homeowners in Calabria and are the main point of contact for our guests.


Corrado “Hi, I’m Corrado and very proud to be from Calabria. I was born in a typical village where old ladies chit-chat on the street, children play freely outside, old men play cards in the bar, and where it smells like freshly made lasagne and meat balls on Sundays. I’ve been working for Enotria since 2003. My job is hard to explain… let's say I’m the one who makes sure everything goes smoothly during your stay in Capo Vaticano. For example, you might arrive home after a lovely evening in Tropea and realise you’ve lost the house keys. Well, I’m the one who comes to the rescue! I hope to meet you in Calabria soon". 


Rosanna:"Ciao, I’m Rosanna. I was born and raised on the east coast of Calabria. Seven years ago, love brought me to Calabria’s west coast. It’s a beautiful place where I’ve found a second family and new friends, but also a great job where I can be myself. I’ll meet you when you arrive in Capo Vaticano and give you advice. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the friendly people, delicious food, the crystal clear sea and the beautiful colours of the sun. You will fall in love with this part of Italy, just like I did! I’ll welcome you with open arms!" 


 Mimmo: "I'm Mimmo and I’ve been working in our office in Calabria since the summer of 2013. I was born and raised in this area, and I live here with my Venezuelan wife and two children. I’m the handyman that makes sure you’ll have a carefree holiday in your holiday home."



Our office in the Netherlands
‘Enotria Olanda’ has a staff of 5 people and is located in Landsmeer, where we are busy exploring our passion: Italy and travelling. Enotria is special because we all love Italy and know the language and culture very well. We have visited and selected every accommodation personally. We like giving specialised advice, helping and sharing our extensive experience so our guests can have a wonderful holiday

tinalex2.jpgTina & Lex: "“We met by chance more than 20 years ago. We’re lucky because we’ve been able to live and create our dream - we’ve combined a life in the Netherlands with a life in Italy. By starting Enotria Travel, we made our dream come true. Our two children, Mickey and Kylian, are proof of this ideal combination - they are stubborn like the people in Calabria and tolerant like the Dutch. Our wish now is for other people to get to know "our" Italy. We want to share our passion for the country, its people, food, wine, history and culture. For us, travelling to Italy is pure enjoyment."


Sergio: ""Sometimes you need some distance to see the beauty of places and people. Now that I’m experiencing southern Italy as a 'traveller', I enjoy the country where I was born and raised in even more. When I’m on holiday, I’m mostly looking for the deserted bays in Sardinia and the silence of the mountains in Calabria. It’s always nice to visit the market to buy fruit and vegetables with the children. You’ll not only feel the sun on your skin, but also taste it in the products. When we stroll through the small streets in the old part of our village, we always come across someone who tells us a nice story. Whether I’m on holiday or on a trip for work... going to Italy is always lovely."


Hidde: "When I’m in Italy, I enjoy the small and big things intensely, but especially things that you don’t come across in the Netherlands very often. It makes me realise that Italy is a wonderful and special country. The smell of rosemary and basil... the friendly people who would do anything to make you feel comfortable... a glass of wine on a sunlit terrace... enjoying dinner together in a garden for hours. These are just some of the reasons why I would call Italy my 'second home'."  



Kristel: "Italy is like a second homeland to me; all my friends and family know that by now. Conversations often lead to this versatile country. The delicious food, the lovely people, the nice temperatures, the cute towns and big cities, I can find all of this in Italy... Yet, I still discover new, beautiful places, where I would like to go back every time I visit the country. My favourite dish in Italy is and will always be pasta Carbonara, but I also like pizza with salame piccante and a lot of the delicious aperitivi! There is so much to choose from! I would like to take you to 'my' Italy and give you advice on holidays, tours and accommodations in Enotria's Italy