About Enotria  

Holidays and tours to 'our' Italy. 

MattinataEnotria82411.jpgIt was the year 1993 that I packed my suitcases and left my Calabria. I found Calabria too small, the mentality too old-fashioned, and there was no work for me to find. I did not like the idea of having to stay here for the rest of my life. It was my dream to explore the world and find a good job. I was convinced about it... they won't be seeing me back here for a long time. After a couple of months in the Netherlands I was sure about one thing; this is where my future is.    

I remember going back to Calabria for the first time again well. I fully enjoyed the difference in culture and way of living. Only now I realised how much I missed its atmosphere. I still get irritated by the pace in the South, but I am always happy and relaxed when I get back to Calabria. Having fun together, the healthy and delicious food from the fields, the silence and the beauty of nature... All the things that I can find here. 

agriturismo_algemeen_13.jpgIn 1999 I started Enotria Travel, together with my husband Lex. It was the opportunity for me to combine my two 'motherlands'. Since then a lot has changed, but our philosophy has always stayed the same: showing the real and pure Italy. Not the famous and busy areas with mass tourism, but the small-scaled addresses where the guest is still a guest. Locations where you will feel at home, and can get in contact with the local people. This way, local enterprises and projects can keep developing, without them having to lose their sustainability, nature and tradition.

Our offer in Italy has expanded throughout the years. We started with Calabria (obviously). Soon Sicily, Sardinia and other regions in South-Italy followed. New in our offer, but just as interesting, are the regions Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche, the lake area and Piemonte. You will visit special places, far off from the beaten track. It is our passion to customise your ideal holiday to Italy together with you.

Calabria remains our core business, we manage all houses and we provide complete service through our office located nearby Tropea. 

tuffo_tina.jpgOur team consists of 8 persons. In our office in the Netherlands: Lex (my husband, and according to my father half Calabrian), Sergio (Calabrian with a Dutch mother), Kristel and Hidde (both Dutch but with a big passion for Italy),  and myself (Tina). In our local office in Calabria are my brother Corrado, my sister-in-law Rosanna and Mimmo who receive our guests with great hospitality.

We would like to invite you to experience 'our' Calabria from up close. We hope that you like going through our website, and that we may welcome you as our guest. 

Tina Altieri - Directress Enotria Travel